This is a 1D platformer that I made for Ludum Dare 41. It might take a while to get your head around what you're seeing, but think of it as a 1D view of a 2D world. The only things you're able to see are objects that have the same y-position as your player. This means, as your player jumps and falls, the entire view you have of the world shifts up and down. Move around the world and try to mentally map the levels as you play :)

TIP: The point of this game is to figure out the level and learn how to manoeuvre around it. If you don't see anything, try jumping or moving and see what you might bump in to or see


  • Left Arrow Key = move left
  • Right Arrow Key = move right
  • Up Arrow Key = jump
  • Z = select option/restart level
  • X = back to main menu 


Yaxis Binaries 2 MB
Source 52 kB